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A sincere little cleanup focusing on all external surfaces, nooks and crannies. Will exclude inside of cabinets, walls, false ceilings, parapets, ledges, ducts and lofts.
A thorough intensive cleanup focusing on all surfaces, nooks and crannies. Will include inside of cabinets – not personal wardrobes and crockery though – walls, false ceilings, parapets, ledges, ducts and loft.
For an express cleaning job we send a team of trained professionals with specialized chemicals and materials to clean your office for 4-5 hours. Service includes regular cleaning of toilets, windows, surface management, floor cleaning and cobweb removal.
Shampooing method provides an effective, safe and reliable way of cleaning. It consists of a rotary floor device that is provided with tanks and brushes that helps to achieve better agitation and good cleaning results.
The specific special treatment chemicals, procedure and methods for each fabric type are absolutely necessary, especially if the sofa is made from a delicate material.
A machine cleanup which includes floor scrubbing with industrial grade equipment for almost all floor surfaces
Owning a luxurious and highly functional bathroom is not an unattainable dream anymore, but what may still concern you is its cleaning and general maintenance. Just a room with a sink, bathtub and shower is not enough; it requires deep cleaning and high maintenance to reflect the luxury and health you always wanted. And, deep bathroom cleaning requires professional tools and expertise which is not easy to find.

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When you choose Clean Hands Limited for your Cleaning, you get a deeper clean, faster-drying and a healthier space for you and your office mates.

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